This FAQ section has been put together to help answer those very common questions. Please read through these and if you have any queries or new questions please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Q. How do I start?

A. Anyone who holds a full driving licence can become an advanced driver.

The RoSPA Test is regarded as one of the most challenging tests of its type, a proud achievement for anyone.

We recommend that you receive training in preparation for the test.

Q. How to receive training?

A. RoADAR Hampshire provide free advice and advanced training in preparation for your test.

Q. Training.

A. We have volunteer Tutors who have all passed the advanced test themselves at a high grade and have also been trained and assessed in order to meet the requirements to provide training for the advanced test. They will all be registered Tutors with RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. Some Approved Tutors may have also undertaken further training in advanced driving instruction and have become Advanced Tutors. They also take retests every three years so you can be sure that you will receive a high level of training.

Q. What happens when I join our Group?

A. As a new member wishing to receive training you will be assigned to one of our Tutors. You will both agree a convenient training session.

As a new member you will use your own vehicle to receive training and the Tutor will give you guidance and advice. The sessions are free and there is no limit to the number of lessons you are given. We are fully aware that everybody learns at a different pace and a training programme will be developed that best suits you.

Training will continue at a steady pace until your Tutor feels that you are ready for the test.

Once you have passed your test the training and guidance through the local group will continue because we feel that a good driver never stops learning and skills need to be developed to keep up with today’s ever changing traffic conditions.


This FAQ section has been put together to help answer those very common questions. Please read through these and if you have any queries or new questions please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Q. What’s involved in training?

A. Training is conducted 1 on 1. Once you have joined the Group by sending off the completed application form and a cheque the Chief Observer will assign an Observer to you.

Q. How long will it take to pass the advanced test?

A. There are a number of factors as to how long it will take to pass the Advanced Motorcycle Test. These include your experience, whether you have passed the IAM test, removing any bad habits, and willingness to try the techniques suggested by your Tutor. How much time you can invest in riding your motorcycle practicing the system of motorcycle control. We usually suggest that you complete around 200 miles between each session with your Tutor. The RoSPA test is graded Bronze, Silver and Gold. Usually most people can get to Silver stage quite easily, but the final stage of Gold, does require considerable practice to truly demonstrate the system of advanced motorcycle control at the Gold level. On average, someone who has never done an advanced training training and practices regularly will take around 3-6 months to get to Silver standard and then a couple of further months to achieve Gold.

Q. How does the training get started?

A. Your Tutor will make contact with you and arrange a date and time for your first meeting where he will explain the process in detail.

Q. But how does it work?

A. Basically you go for rides where the Tutor will give you feedback on your riding and will also give demonstration rides to show what is meant. Each training session is normally about two and a half hours and for that the Tutor would look for a contribution, depending on the distance travelled, towards their petrol and running costs. At the end of the session a plan would be made for the next session.

Q. How often do I get training rides?

A. If you are able to ride regularly then the sessions can be a week or two apart. If you ride infrequently then the gap is longer so that you can practice any improvements identified.

Q. What does the test involve?

A. The test is around 90 minutes of riding where you will be followed and assessed by a Police Class 1 licence holder. The examiner may be a serving officer or may be retired. At the end you will be questioned on the Highway Code and Roadcraft (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of this publication since all will be revealed when you start training). You will then be given a test result at Gold, Silver, Bronze or Fail. (Haven’t had any F’s yet!)

Q. How much does the test itself cost?

A. Details of test costs can be found on the RoSPA site.The first year's membership is included in the cost of the test.

Q. So once I have taken the test that’s it?

A. Unlike other advanced riding organisations RoSPA require that full members demonstrate ongoing proficiency by retaking the test every three years in order to maintain a membership grade of Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Refer to the RoSPA site for current membership costs. The first payment is due on the anniversary of your successful test. Provided that annual membership to RoSPA is maintained, there is NO retest charge.

Q. When could training start?

A. We would aim to start your training as soon as possible after you have joined the Group.

Q. What is the average time from starting training to taking the test?

A. This varies by individual and can be anything from a couple of rides to a year. Your Tutor will tell you when you are test ready.

Q. Do I complete application and pay for my test as well?

A. All you need do to get started is fill in the application form, found on this site, and email as directed. No membership subscription is requested until a Tutor is available. The test fee will be payable, directly to RoSPA, when you are ready for test.

Q. Are there any books I need to Purchase?

A. It is recommended that you purchase a copy of Roadcraft and the Highway Code.