Chief Tutor

Barbara is based in Southampton, joining RoADAR in the 1990's. Barbara holds IAM and RoSPA qualifications and has a Gold grade pass and an Advanced Tutor qualification. In her time with the Group Barbara has been an active member and Tutor.

Peter holds a Gold Grade pass. He has been driving cars since 1967 and currently has a Mazda MX5. Previous cars include Triumph Vitesse, Austin Healey Sprite, Triumph TR4, and Lotus Cortina among some more mundane machinery. He has also served as an Observer/Senior Observer with Portsmouth IAM.


Paul is based in Salisbury where he works as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. He's taken Advanced Driving tests with both RoSPA , where he achieved the Gold Pass, and the Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM). He is also a DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer, which means that he is qualified to assess and train company drivers.

Shaun is based in Fareham, where he works as a Fleet Trainer / DVSA Driving Instructor.

He’s a retired Royal Marine with 24 years military service behind him. He’s served and driven in every condition thinkable, from the Northern Mountains of Norway to the harsh heat of the deserts.

During his time in the Royal Marines, he gained many qualifications like Snow and Ice Instructor, Skid Cradle Instructor and teaching / assessing driver training on all military vehicles.

Jon has taken the Rospa Advanced test on both car and motorbike, where he achieved a Gold Pass with both. He took the bike test first and decided that after about a decade of holding Gold Pass on the bike he would take the car test to see how he got on, and came away with a Gold Pass. He had a career in the motor industry testing and developing new vehicles and holds HGV and PSV licences as a result of this. He has driven to Northern Finland in January to go winter testing, and towed heavy trailers round the Alps on test. His first love is cars, followed very closely by bikes.

Eirwyn lives in Chandler's Ford and as well as being a Tutor is the Group Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

Richard lives in Waterlooville.

Thomas lives in Four Marks

Paul lives in Portsmouth

Alex holds a RoSPA Gold Pass and qualified as a driving Tutor in October 2019. Alex lives in Portsmouth.

Chief Tutor

Peter has been playing around on motorbikes ever since passing his bike test in ’86. Since then, Peter has taken part in various track days, dirt bike enduro events as well as years of mainland and overseas touring. The advanced riding journey started in 2004 passing the IAM green badge followed by a few years Instructing, more recently taking onboard the IAM Masters program passing with a Distinction as well as passing the RoSPA Diploma.

He has either owned or test ridden most makes & models and currently rides a Beemer RT on the road. He is a passionate biker and welcomes a challenge!

Following discussions and agreement between the existing group Diploma holders, it was decided  that the Chief Tutor role be rotated around these Diploma holders on an agreed basis. As of January 2020, Peter took over this role from Lilian.

Lilian is a relative newcomer to the world of motorcycling passing her test in 2007. Shortly afterwards she passed the IAM test and was then introduced to motorcycle touring. Lilian holds the RoSPA Diploma, is an IAM National Observer and also tutors on the IAM Skills Days at Thruxton. She rides either a BMW 650GS, a 1200GS or a K1300R and when not tutoring enjoys touring on her BMW. Past trips include 18,500 miles around North America, riding over the Indian Himalayas, Ushuaia in South America, New Zealand and the North Cape in Norway.


Lou began riding in 1962 – he really is that ancient! In those days young men couldn’t afford cars! He’s been enjoying riding ever since and hopefully has learned a little along the way. He still does about 12000 miles a year on his BMW R1200RT, touring, training and having fun, and has recently resumed on- track riding with about fifteen days a year booked on his BMW R1000RR or HP4 Carbon. He’s no longer the fastest, but by no means the slowest either. A RoSPA Advanced Diploma holder since April 2017 he just wants to help riders to be as safe as they can be whilst getting what they want from their biking, whether it’s touring, commuting, a livelihood or just having fun.

Andy Anderson Andy is a Fareham local, has been riding since 1976, holds a Gold Grade Pass with taking a keen involvement with road safety since 1978, was a volunteer for the RAC / ACU training scheme (at RNAD Fleetlands) from 1978 to 1983 being an Instructor and then Chief Instructor. Passed his IAM motorcycle test in 1979 and is an approved IMI IAM National Senior Observer for the IAM attached to Solent Advanced Motorcyclists. In October 2014 he attained the RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction, November 2014 achieved an IAM Masters. Bikes GT 750 (Kettle), Harley Davidson Super Glide (Big Boy) and current day bike a R1200 GS Adventure (aka thehappybiker).

Jon passed his bike test in 1984 and in August 2018 he achieved the RoSPA Advanced Tutor qualification. He  holds a RoSPA Gold pass and is also a member of the IAM. His current bikes are a GSA1250 HP and a VFR800 FI. He enjoys all types of biking from track days to tours and is a great fan of Moto GP.


Stuart Dorey Stuart holds a ROSPA Gold Grade Pass in motorcycling. He
has been riding motorcycles for many years and this has become his favoured mode of transport both socially and for work Stuart is also an Observer for the IAM. He rides a BMW R12200GS Adventure.

Kev started riding in 1992, at 16 and has been on two wheels since. Most of his riding is for social reasons, running up several thousand miles during the year, including the odd commute. His current bike is a BMW K1300R. In 2010, Kev joined the IAM and in the following year joined RoSPA where he gained a Gold Grade pass. In April 2017, Kev achieved his Advanced Tutor Qualification. As a motorcyclist, he feels that there is always something to learn.

Garry holds a RoSPA Gold Grade Pass and qualified as a Tutor in September 2019. Garry is based in the Isle of Wight.